Bottom trays, panels and doors

Within the range of construction elements produced completely in our factory you find:
  • Bottom trays made of stainless steel, black steel or composites, up to Clients’ needs.
    The surface finish can be done with tiles, plastic tiles or composite layer imitating floor tiles.
  • System of wall and ceiling panels intended for wet units and cabins which allows quick and precise assembly.
    Wet unit and cabin wall and ceiling panels are produced on a specially designed production line ensuring constant supervision of glueing parameters and high precision of performance.
  • Supplement offer to the panel system are wet unit and cabin doors.
Our products meet the rules of fire resistance classified as B5.

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Wet cabins

  • WALL Class B15

  • FLOOR black, stainless steel or GRP

  • CEILING Class B15

  • DOOR Class B15