We offer a variety of works and services connected with revamping of living rooms and public spaces of onshore and offshore structures.

We provide services including replacement of entire bathroom units, of elements of equipment, as well as revamping activities of structural elements of the bathrooms and cabins themselves. Experienced teams of workers provide quick execution of the order from technical & structural assumptions through assembling works to final acceptance of works.

During service activities we provide project management, everyday progress reporting and coordination of actions with the ship’s crew that are necessary elements ensuring quick and prompt execution of the entire project.

Our works in scope of disassembling of worn or out-of-order elements of bathrooms and cabins equipment and replacement to new elements are performed during maintenance of the ship in dry dock or during normal cruise. We supply materials according to specification or use materials provided by the client. We prepare our own solutions that make the assembling activities on the ship shorter for example prefabrication of elements of floors or boards.

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