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Welding jobs

Our projects do not concern only public areas. Some of our workers have experience with ship building.
Underneath we present some projects covered by our welders:
  • Blohm + Voss(D)
    assembly and section welding,
    hydraulics assembly,
    assembly and welding of a running swimming pool bottom
  • Fassmer Verft (D)
    ship sections (assembly and welding),
    section furnishing (welding and assembly)
  • Crist Shipyard (PL)
    prefabrication, assembly, welding of sections of special purpose ships and passenger ships,
    fishing boats and container ships (assembly and welding of ship furnishing)
  • Gdansk Shipyard (PL)
    prefabrication, assembly, welding of sections of container ship blocks and tankers,
    assembly of ship furnishing along with welding jobs
  • A/P Falmouth (GB)
    service jobs in navy entities,
    ship furnishing (assembly and welding),
    assembly of ship section
  • Myklebust Verft As (N)
    prefabrication and assembly of ship sections
  • Con-Mar (D)
    superstructures of giant yachts (assembly and welding),
    aluminium ship furnishing